How to Use EcoDaisy's Multipurpose Cleaner Efficiently

Our EcoDaisy Multipurpose Cleaner works great on glass, stainless steel, sealed hardwood floors, granite, porcelain, electronics, tile, walls, cabinets. One multipurpose squirt is the equivalent of two squirts of your average multipurpose cleaner, making it last longer and saving you money at the same time!

This EcoDaisy Multipurpose Cleaner is more than your traditional type of cleaner. It degreases and removes obstinate stains without damaging your clothes. It cleans and degreases efficiently using only natural ingredients that do not pose any health risks. It is kind to your hands and sensitive skin due to its coconut plant extracts. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Stain-fighting power
  • Good for clothes, carpets and fabrics
  • Safe to remove stubborn stains on any fabric
  • No need to dilute
  • Just spray and wipe
  • 32oz Capacity


  • Purified water
  • Coconut-based surfactant
  • Food grade perfume