About Us


Dr. Priscilla Johnson, LEED O+M, DCEP

Meet EcoDaisy's  inventor Dr. Priscilla Johnson. She's a Mom & environmental activist with a PhD in water resources engineering. She couldn’t find 100% natural cleaning products that met her standards of environmental safety, efficacy and purity. So she created a line for herself - and for families who refused to risk their health & that of the environment.  

"I started EcoDaisyTM  10 years ago because I love to clean and wanted to make sure that fish and other aquatic life wouldn't be harmed by what I was putting down the drain. EcoDaisy's line of eco-friendly cleaning products was the result." In January of 2009, EcoDaisyTM  launched its line of eco-friendly cleaning products.

With a focus on quality and effectiveness, they have a universal appeal and produce no harmful effects on the environment or its users. The EcoDaisyTM  line includes a multipurpose cleaner, dish soap, laundry detergent, glass and bathroom cleaners and a air freshener, disinfectant wipes, foaming hand soap and hand sanitizer. 

The printing industry uses our 99.97% all-natural multi-purpose formulation to remove ink from hands and envelope manufacturers use it to remove glue from their industrial machines. The boating industry uses it to clean interiors and exterior. Red wine enthusiasts get it out of their white carpets and the glass cleaner takes nail polish out of carpets!

Yet, EcoDaisyTM  is safe enough for babies and pets with an amazingly pleasant and clean-smelling all-natural perfume and phthalates. The inventor, Dr. Priscilla Johnson, is a Mom and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering. With her experience in the chemical and wastewater industries, she designed the products to do no harm to wildlife in lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. So, it’s safe for you too.

Enjoy EcoDaisy!